"We had the distinct pleasure of having Wrangell Homes build our house in 1998. We found Ken and his entire team extremely easy to work with, consultative and very trustworthy. They built our home displaying a high degree of craftsmanship and demonstrated meticulous attention to detail throughout each phase of the project. Our home just had its ten year anniversary and it is as problem-free as it was the day we moved into it."

Lisa and Tom Ryder

"Our home buying experience with Ken Wrangell has been nothing short of first class. Ken's attention to detail and design is shown through his craftsmanship and quality of work. We have thoroughly enjoyed our home and that is certainly a testament to Ken's extraordinary work and great customer service that he provides to his clients. "

Katie and Jason Swain

"We have known Ken Wrangell for 12 years and have had nothing but great experiences with him. He first put on a wonderful addition to our home in 1999 that was very intricate with boxed out ceilings, medallions and lots of woodwork. It was fantastic! When we decided to build a new home we went right to Ken. This was a huge undertaking for both him and us. We built a 10,000 square foot French Country home that had a substantial amount of detail work. The framing job which was done by his “personal” crew was quite complex with the second floor roofing structure being done prior to the framing of the second floor. He did an amazing job! The home has indoor enclosed crawlspace, beams, cast stone walls and fireplaces and all rounded walls and doorways -- only Ken would we entrust this job to. Ken’s attention to detail was fantastic, his input, creative ideas and his way with people, fantastic as always…we would not hesitate to build with Ken again. Our dream home has turned out to be just that…If only he babysat he would be the perfect builder!!!”

Karen and Mark Lampkin

"Ken Wrangell is a superb builder. We recommend him to anyone who is interested in a unique and beautifully constructed home of the highest quality. When we relocated to Wilmington from Northern Virginia (having just built a custom home there), we thought we had a pretty good idea what to expect. However, we were amazed at the level and quality of the craftsmanship exhibited by Ken and his crew of artisans. The millwork in particular - gorgeous wainscoting, unique doorways and crown molding - was outstanding, and the overall attention to detail was impeccable. Everything was detailed and executed down to the smallest piece of trimwork.

Just as important, was the ease with which we were able to get things done. Ken was available whenever we needed to discuss specifics, the planning process (much of it done long distance) was smooth, and communication was excellent. Ken listened to our concerns, but also kept us from making major mistakes. His advice was thoughtful, professional, and right on.

Similarly, once we took occupancy, Ken and his people were responsive to the minor follow up issues which needed to be addressed.

We have been in our house five years - we still love it. So do our friends and neighbors: we have had several unsolicited offers to buy it! Ken’s product speaks for itself."

Chris and Steve Wiley