Why Wrangell Homes?

Ken Wrangell has built solely in Wilmington, NC and its surrounding communities since 1993. He has also held an unlimited commercial and residential general contractors license since that time. Ken’s diversity in design concepts not only reflects the depth of his expertise, but the personal flair of each homeowner.

Wrangell Homes prides itself on our dedication to constructing fine quality homes that meet the highest of standards—the homeowner’s satisfaction. We cater to the individual desiring to personalize their home using detailed intricacies, customized architectural elements, and a blend of distinctive materials. The satisfaction of our clients, and the ongoing relationships we earn with them, are the measurements that tell us we’re meeting those standards.

We are constantly accessible to our clients in person, or by phone, to address and develop solutions to construction challenges as they arise. We engage our clients, the architects and our craftsman to use their creativity in producing a unique final product.

We are a member of Custom Builder, U.S.A., the Wilmington Cape Fear HBA, and Energystar. Our current focus is on becoming a Green Builder.